For the Teens by the Teens! 

Looking for a way to get involved at the library? You can come help develop new programs for teens and plan displays for the Young Adult area. Our Youth Advisory Council (Y.A.K) is a great opportunity to help our library, so come check us out!

NEXT MEETINGS! September 14th . October 26th , November 16th 


Meet Y.A.K. Members!

(Some last names have been changed for the safety of our teens. Don’t worry, they’re fun names!)

Jack el Gato Grande

Favorite Book: Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

Favorite Book Genre: Fiction – Mythology/ Science Fiction

Favorite Author: Rick Riordan

Favorite Thing About the Library: Free books and many books

Hobbies: Basketball and Chess

Fun Thing: Jack is able to do 5 different voices! 


Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy

Favorite Author: JRR Tolkien 

Favorite Thing About the Library: The New Release Section

Hobbies: Reading and Playing Piano

Fun Thing: Maddie’s favorite candy is Reeses


Favorite Book: The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Favorite Book Genre: Fiction- Adventure/Comedy

Favorite Author: JRR Tolkien

Favorite Thing About the Library: Large selection of books 

Hobbies: Basketball and Chess

Fun Thing: Pedro can wiggle his ears for a really long time without getting tired!


Favorite Book: Wicked

Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy

Favorite Author: Doesn’t really have one but she likes Suzanne Collin’s Books

Favorite Thing About the Library: The atmosphere is peaceful and there’s a bunch of activities to participate in.

Hobbies: Besides reading, Ashley plays cello and also plays tennis

Fun Thing: Ashley can hula hoop with her arms. 


Favorite Book: Rule of Three by Eric Walters

Favorite Book Genre: Dystopic Fiction

Favorite Author: Eric Walters

Favorite Thing About the Library: I love that in the library there are always new books.

Hobbies: I like to Read. I like to play halo.

Fun Thing: I like to play Role Playing Games like Pathfinder.


Keep an eye for up updates, book reviews and displays done by our Y.A.K. members!