This month Ashley and I (Courtney) worked on quite a number of displays. And we are really excited to tell you about them!

We have this small bookcase here in the library was formerly used for “new young adult” books, but because we’ve started getting so many new YAs in we had to move them. Ashley and I now used this bookcase for singular displays. This month we have Science Fiction books all decked out with a hand painted alien and some cool UFOs.
We pulled different Science Fiction books from our Young Adult collection and have them on display. The display won’t be up  much longer though; so come grab your out of this world read before it’s gone!20161014_140441

The library recently put one of those cool slotted walls in and we decided that it would be fun to show some of the staffs favorite books. There are a total of nine staff members that partook in this display so there are a lot of books to choose from if you’re having trouble deciding what to read! (That’s the best part of working in a library ya know! Being able to recommend our favorites!) This display also holds any information for programs that Youth Services is putting on for Teens. On the side of the slotted wall is our Pokemon display. Each Pokemon that you see are all hand drawn (traced using and OPAC projector) and colored. These Pokemon include Snorlax, Magicarp, Pikachu, Venusaur, Omanyte, and Vaporeon. On both the Pokemon wall and the Get Graphic wall there is an interactive component. (There’s actually 2 on the superhero wall. Brownie points for who can find it!) We ask that you tell us your favorite Pokemon and Superhero so be sure to let us know! On the right of the slotted wall we have our Get Graphic display–our way of shouting out for Graphic novels; mainly superheros. Each superhero plus Joker is hand drawn/traced and colored. These are Superman, Wonderwoman, and Deadpool. Ashley also had this really cool idea to deconstruct a pop-up book that was donated and add that to the wall! These displays will be up until December 30th!

Youth Services has a teen advisory group–Y.A.K. (Young Adult Council)–and they put up a display for the new Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as well as the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that came out on October 4th. It turned out quite nicely!20161020_192651-2




Make sure to stop by before you miss the chance to see them in person! If you have any display suggestions, please feel free to share! We are always welcoming new ideas!

Thanks for reading!