It’s Harry Potter’s birthday! 

for harry potter post

If you’re a giant fan of Harry or just starting out on his magical story; then this post is for you!

There are many amazing Harry Potter things–I say things because there is such a wide variety– for us magically inclined nerds. I’ve created a list of some things that have caught my eye.


harry potter phone charger

You can make a DIY Harry Potter Book Phone Charger. Pretty awesome sounding right?! The DIY Youtuber, 2 Cats & 1 Doll shows you how to make this literary charger! You can find the video here!


harry potter bag

Then there are these fierce bags over on KrukruStudio’s Etsy shop. Warning these bags are expensive but wicked –as Ron would say! You can find their shop by typing their name into Etsy or by clicking here!

key mobile

How about this key mobile, looks like it was taken right from the room of keys in the first book right!?  I would definitely have this in my room! The blog, A lifestyle blog by Malla, is in a different language; but this were the directions it gave when translated:

“You can create these decorative ornaments reminiscent of Harry Potter with old-vintage-looking keys from different hardware and home improvement stores, packaged in different looks and styles, or with flea markets.
To make them look like old metal, first paint the brown or mild green shade, wipe it with a dry cloth, and then spray it on and fix the paint.
Good luck!”


Now the next thing isn’t a DIY, but a really cool infographic telling you all the place Harry Potter was filmed at! I for one will be putting this on my travel bucket list!

cool location thing!


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