I LOVE QUOTES. My pinterest has a board specifically for quotes…which has about 400 pins…probably a little excessive I know. I can quote anything from Harry Potter to Chris Farley’s “Livin in a van down by the river.” I also love looking on Epic Reads for new books to add to the TBR section on Goodreads.  Guess what:  Epic Reads has a “Now Quoting” section on their blog-which is amazing in general. You should totally check it out!  

If you are like me you’ll like this list that I’ve concocted from Epic Reads’ “Now Quoting” tab.



These Quotes Will Help You Decide Which YA Series You Should Binge Read

This list is great. They have a variety of different quotes from different series. Here’s an example of two of them. Quote Blog Post-Six of Crows

Quote Blog Post-The Young Elites

You can find the rest of the quotes here:




These quotes from Alexandra Bracken will give you the chills!

They sure do! They also make me want to read her books. Here’s a couple of examples-maybe you’ve read them!Quote Blog-Neverfade

Quote Blog-Passenger 

You can find the rest of the quotes here:


12 Heartfelt quotes on why we love books!

It was so hard to choose only two to display on here! All of them are very true, but here are the ones I’ve chosen.

Quote blog-leiter1919


Quote blog-Janayajessalyn


You can find the rest of them here:



I hope you enjoy these quote-worthy quotes and find an awesome book to read!


Don’t forget to sign up for summer reading!  Go to http://www.pcpls.org to find out more!   -Courtney



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