It’s official! No more cold weather, well I mean, freezing weather. (We still have those cold days…) 


But, it’s time for that season that everybody either loves, or dreads. Spring Cleaning. So it’s out with the old and in with the new!

Did you know you can donate your books to the library. We might put them in our collection or use them as a replacement for a ‘ugly’ book! If we can’t use them we send them to our Booksale Room and use them for our “Friends of the Library’s” booksale so others can enjoy them.

If you’ve donated books and need to replenish your bookshelves, here are some books lists for recommendations.

14 must read ya books

14 Must-Read Young Adult Books Out in August.

This book has some great recommendations to add to your bookshelves! 

You can find the link here!

11 book pairs that match your childhood favorites with what you should read now

Modern Mrs. Darcy has a great book blog.11 pairs of It is very easy to manage and work your way through. Courtney recommends this for anyone who needs major book help! 

You can find the link to her blog right here!


If you have any book recommendations, leave them in the comments below! We would love to hear from you! 


If you are looking for some cool websites to follow this summer here are two of Courtney’s favorites:

Read It Foward : Talks about all sorts of books and does some cool contests! 

Epic Reads : Talks about Young Adult books!


We hope you enjoy these lists/websites! 


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