Did you know that 1905 there were only about 500 books in our library? On October 26, 1905, the Valparaiso Library opened its doors as the first public library building in the city. This library would later be known as the Porter County Courthouse.

In 1916, the Valparaiso Library relocated to our current location, on 103 Jefferson street, with the help of Carnegie Corp.

With the help of a remodel in 1979, the library grew from about 500 books to 222, 587 books! (As of August)


We believe that libraries can change people’s lives and are a cornerstone of our democracy. The mission of the Porter County Public Library System is to provide all residents of the library district with a comprehensive collection of materials in a variety of media that records human knowledge, ideas, and culture and to organize these materials for ready access. The library encourages the love of reading and the joy of learning, and offers the assistance people need to find, evaluate, and use  electronic and print  information resources that help them live successful and rewarding lives.