Courtney (Bellatrix–hence the title) and Ashley (TANK girl) are here to tell you happy Halloween and to show you what everyone went as for this spoooky day. Kellie, who works in youth services kindly sent us the pictures she took of all of us.  Today, we have TANK Girl (Ashley), Bellatrix after her prison break–with her Dark Mark with a dash of crazy  (Courtney), Indiana Jones ( John), Garth and Wayne (Megan and Kellie), a Roller Derby Girl (Kate), a Pirate (Dan), and finally Luna Lovegood–with turnip earrings and cork necklace. (Sage).


So we know this is a short little blog, but hey everyone’s eatin’ candy and trick-or-treating anyway!


Have a spooktacular evening.

Be safe!

AND DON’T FORGET to read something spooky!

Bellatrix and TANK Girl