Tired of reading books that are just sorta…well floppy? Ashley and I have complied a small list of websites that recommend books based on things you like or by the “Teeter Totter” effect. These sites include:

Go Book Yourself. This is a site is one where they recommend books based off of just one. For example, the picture below. They chose the book  The Witches by Roald Dahl and gave you four others to try! They have many more on this site. You can get to it by clicking here.



Wowbrary. Wowbrary is the library’s own site that includes new titles. If you have visited our page you should have seen the scrolling ‘thing’ in the center of the page were the new books are being displayed. To get to the Wowbrary website you can click on the “more” button underneath said scrolling ‘thing’– or you can click here.





Goodreads. This is a great site to log books that you’ve ‘read,’ ‘want to read,’ and ‘currently reading.’ It also recommends books based on the books you have logged. Ashley and I both use this site and we love it! (If only they made one for movies…) you can get to the website here.



Opening the Book. This website is unique. It gives you the “teeter-totter” slide thing-a-ma-bobs. YOU get to decided what you like in a book and they will suggest books for you. If you don’t quite understand my “‘teeter-totter’ slide thing-a-ma-bob” gibberish, this is what I mean (pictured below). It even does ebooks, audiobooks and large print books!  You can find the website here.



Hope these websites are helpful and spark that reading flame up again!

Abibliophobia: The fear of running out of things to read.

As always,

Court & Ash


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